Of all the workshops I have attended, I rate yours at the top of the list. Your suggestions are specific. Your method of teaching inspires the writers in the class to produce!!! I am telling writers I know about the schedule and location of your classes. ---    Barb

And I thank you once again for opening me up to this wonderful world of memoir writing. You will always hold a special place in my heart as the woman who first helped me to realize this wonderful gift,  --- Rebecca G.

Are you considering teaching another class at TCC? The last two were the best writing courses I've ever attended. Thank you for sharing your experience and talent with those who try to bring daydreams into reality.    ---Kimberley Schuck

Your Writers Circle brings such fantastic writers, publishers and teachers to an intimate, inclusive setting in order to spread the gospel of the word-the written word in all its forms.    --- Barbara Gabriel  - a comment on

If MVP meant “Most Valuable Poet” and some organization deemed to present such a prize, Glenda Beall would be my nominee for the inaugural award.  --- Scott Owens

Thanks, as always, for your hospitality. All of us seem inspired as we share the art of writing in these surroundings. - Student of Writers Circle

You touched my heart over and over again with your words. I've already read the book (Now Might as Well be Then) three times...I'm so glad I own a copy.
                                                       ---Nancy Purcell

 Glenda~ I've been enjoying my 'Writer's Circle' classes, both the instructors and fellow student-writers. It's been an enriching, challenging experience so far and I look forward to this year and trying more classes.       ---Barbara Gabriel

I am so glad that I finally decided to join the Writer's Circle. It not only is fun but so informative. I am learning so much and will continue from time to time to join other classes.  -  Donna Brummert

It was such an enjoyable class with Will Wright. I really appreciated the participation of everyone - great to hear so many observations and views. Thanks for putting it together.
                                                            --- Maren Mitchell

As for the setting (of the workshop) very relaxed 'n inviting

what a gift you give . . .
I can see where your heart is!

                                                              --- Laine

 Will Wright did such a great critique for me on the poem I sent him. That alone made his class worthwhile!
                                                               --- Lory Whitehead