We are Fragrance Free at Writers Circle

Please do not wear perfume, cologne, scented after-shave, or lotion when you attend classes here.
These products are toxic to me and others who have respiratory problems. Your scented product is a trigger for an asthma attack for me. Thank you for understanding.

New Words

Add these to your vocabulary:

a short oblique stroke (/) between two words indicating that whichever is appropriate may be chosen to complete the sense of the text in which they occur.
example: his/her, either/or
a symbol (~) indicating equivalency or similarity between two values.

Out and About

Out and About with Glenda Beall

It's Never Too Late to Write Your Life Stories
   -- January 23, 2:00 p.m.

Tri-county Community College, Murphy, NC
March 11 - April , 2014, Tuesday afternoons, 2 – 5  --   5 weeks
Creative Writing Class

Perhaps you want to write about your life for your family. Perhaps you have always made up stories and want to write fiction to sell to magazines. Perhaps you are a secret poet, but not sure if what you are writing is actually poetry. Perhaps you don’t know if you write prose, creative non-fiction, poetry, articles, or anecdotes. 

We will answer all your questions and help you discover what you do best. We will use feedback from your classmates to help clean up any mistakes, to learn what editors look for and what they don’t want, and we will write short before we write long. 

Instructor: Glenda C. Beall, published author and poet, experienced teacher and blogger. Owner/Director of Writers Circle Studio, Clay County Representative for NCWN West. 
To Register: Contact -Lisa Long
Director of Community Outreach
(828) 835-4313

March 12 - Facilitator for Coffee with the Poets and Writers, Blue Mountain Restaurant, Murphy, NC

April 4 - 5 - Blue Ridge Writers' Conference, Blue Ridge Georgia 
Topics I will be speaking on:
    Smart Self-Publishing – Are You Ready? Pre-marketing a book begins with manuscript preparation. Learn the crucial steps necessary to get a book ready for readers.
      Build Your Brand Now: Don’t wait for readers to find you.  Build a market strategy to tell them who you are and what you write.

April 26 - Poetry Day, Hickory NC, Catawba College
April 25- 26 - Blue Ridge Bookfest, Flat Rock Community College, Flat Rock, NC

May 10 - Netwest Writers' Conference, Sylva, NC - Jackson County Public Library
July  19 - Poetry reading - Macon County Community Building - 2:00 p.m.
August 21 - Reading at John C. Campbell Folk School - Brasstown, NC -- 7:00 p.m.