We are Fragrance Free at Writers Circle

Please do not wear perfume, cologne, scented after-shave, or lotion when you attend classes here.
These products are toxic to me and others who have respiratory problems. Your scented product is a trigger for an asthma attack for me. Thank you for understanding.

New Words

Add these to your vocabulary:

a short oblique stroke (/) between two words indicating that whichever is appropriate may be chosen to complete the sense of the text in which they occur.
example: his/her, either/or
a symbol (~) indicating equivalency or similarity between two values.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Nuts and Bolt of Online Submission Class cancelled

We are extremely sorry that we had to cancel Robert King's class today, Saturday, due to a problem with getting a projector at the library.

We will re-schedule the class as soon as we can. Everyone was disappointed, including me, as I want this class and we all need this class.
We might try to hold it during the week instead of a Saturday as almost all the Saturdays in May are booked already.

If you were not registered for this class, you still have the opportunity to sign up for it.
Contact me at nightwriter0302@yahoo.com for information.

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