Sunday, July 27, 2014

I'm Scared. Aren't we all?

With a new class coming up at TCCC in August, I was reminded of a post by Nancy Purcell, wonderful writer and teacher from Brevard, NC.

We are all afraid of something and many of us live our lives in fear of making mistakes, disappointing others, making a fool of ourselves and looking ridiculous, not having the talent to follow our dreams and so we don't take any risks or try to do what we want. 

Nancy's article is for all of us who halfway live our lives. How many never follow their passions and fulfill their hopes for themselves? Don't let it be you.

Writing class will be held at Tri-County Community College, Murphy, NC 
August 5 - 26, Tuesday afternoons, 6 - 8 p.m.
Contact Lisa now to register.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Write What You Like. Tuesdays at Tri-County Community College

Tri-county Community College

21 Campus Circle, Murphy, NC 28906

August 5 – August 26 -- Tuesdays

6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m


Write What You Like: Fiction, Memoir, Articles – Fulfilling Writing Dreams & Goals, Creating New Writing, Revising & Polishing Your Writing:
  • This class is designed to help you fulfill your writing goals.
  • See what mistakes editors most often find in submissions and learn how to avoid them.
  • Gain the knowledge, inspiration and motivation you need to put your words on paper.
  • Each week writing prompts will generate material for new writing or further a piece in process.
  • Through examples of accomplished writers, you’ll learn techniques to aid you right where you are in the process.
  • You'll also get feedback on your work and learn revision tools.
  • Small class with interaction and feedback from teacher and other students

Instructor: Glenda C. Beall, published author and poet, experienced teacher and blogger. 
Owner/Director of Writers Circle Studio

Register now: Contact -Lisa Long
Director of Community Outreach
828) 835-4241

Monday, July 14, 2014

Karen Paul Holmes to teach weekend class at Folk School August 1 -3

Take note! If you have not attended a class at the John C. Campbell Folk School, where I attended writing classes for the past 19 years, this is an excellent time to come and take a class from poet and writer, Karen Holmes.

Karen Paul Holmes to Teach Weekend All-Genre Writing Class

Your Write Time
Itching to write, but can't find time? Or do you need a jumpstart to get you going? Give yourself the gift of a weekend devoted to writing. The instructor will provide inspiration, encouragement, writing prompts, editing tips, and one-on-one coaching. The Folk School provides the creative energy. Write here, then go home motivated to write more! For prose (fiction, non-fiction, memoir, blogging) or poetry. All levels welcome.

Ask the Folk School about 1/2 price tuition if you live in a near-by county.

Aug 1-Aug 3
For more info on the Folk School website, click here.  
or email kpaulholmesATgmailDOTCOM

Monday, July 7, 2014

Poets and Writers - July 9 - You are invited!

Coffee with the Poets and Writers is a monthly literary event held at Blue Mountain Restaurant in Cherokee County, NC on the corner of Hwy141 and Hwy 64.

On Wednesday, July 9, I, Glenda Beall, will read my poetry, some older poems and many new poems. I look forward to being at CWPW as I  have missed the last two meetings due to illness. We have had fun at this get-together of writers and those who enjoy writing for seven years.

One of my favorite guests is a man who recites poetry he memorized years ago. Some are clever, some are poignant and some are touching. He is a man who loves poetry and comes to listen and to share his favorites. 

At our open microphone session guests read a poem or a short prose piece. We give away door prizes - usually books of poetry- to some lucky person who signs our guest list.

This event is sponsored by NCWN West, our mountain chapter of the North Carolina Writers' Network, which also sponsors Writers Night Out facilitated by Karen Holmes.and held monthly in Blairsville, GA.

Everyone is invited to come out at 10:30  a.m. July 9 and participate in Open Mic and stay for lunch with us. See you soon.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Folk School Reading with Ledford and Simpson

Brenda Kay Ledford and Nancy Simpson gave delightful poetry readings tonight at the  John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC. Several folk school students were present and many were from New York City. 

Brenda fulfilled their interests in mountain people and Appalachia with her poems about rural life, with images of nature, mountains, quilts, and lifestyles of her own family. Brenda has won many awards for her poetry and its historical value to this region.

Nancy Simpson has been writing and working on a new manuscript. She read some recently written poems and some of the older poems published in literary magazines and in her three poetry books.

Lucy Gratton prepared a program for the guests attending tonight's event. This monthly reading is sponsored by the North Carolina  Writers' Network West, the  mountain chapter of the state literary organization.  A large crowd turned out for two of our area's most prolific and most popular poets. 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Blue Ridge Mountain Poet featured

Blogger and poet, Brenda Kay Ledford, posted an interesting photo essay on Byron Herbert Reece and the farm and heritage center recently built to honor his life. 

Thanks Brenda Kay for sharing your excellent photography and facts about the outstanding mountain poet. I think his life would make an excellent movie for Hallmark. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

C. Hope Clark on the word Self

I admire C. Hope Clark, author of the Carolina Slade Mystery series and publisher of Funds for  Writers which I've subscribed to for years. Her blog posts are instructive and interesting. She has written a post on the word Self. I think you will gain some insight into all your selves when you read Hope's essay here.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Writing Class at Tri-County Community College - four two hour classes

I always suggest to beginning writers to write small before writing large. In other  words, try short stories before starting a novel. In a post on Alice Osborn 's blog, you will find many good reasons to do this. Click here.

In August, I will teach a class at Tri-County Community College in Murphy, NC. We will write short stories, and short nonfiction pieces. When we refer to short fiction, we call it short stories. Nonfiction short pieces can be personal essays, memoir, articles or any true stories.

 Write What You Like: Fiction, Memoir, Articles – Fulfilling Writing Dreams; Goals, Creating New Writing, Revising; Polishing Your WritingThis class is designed to fulfill your writing dreams and projects. You'll also get feedback on your work and learn revision tools. We'll discuss the errors most writers make over and over, the little things we don't know that make a difference, the main mistakes editors see in our manuscripts. Each week, writing prompts will generate material for new writing or further a piece in process. By the end of the month, you will have learned something new and important to your writing success.

The class will begin Tuesday, August 5 at 6:00 p.m. and continue each Tuesday through August 26. We chose this time so people could get home from work and have time to take the two hour class and still be home by 8:30 p.m. 

Years ago when I began taking classes with Nancy Simpson at the college, she taught night classes. We always had a large class and most of them went on to be published poets and  writers. Now our local area is filled with poets because that was Nancy's love.

I want to help our prose writers learn all they can to make their work ready for publication. 

Read the above article to see what a beginning writer needs to do. 

To register for this class at Tri-County College, call Lisa Thompson at 828-835-4313. Tell her you want to register for the writing class in August with Glenda Beall.

  Lisa Thompson Long at 828- 835-4313.

Glenda Beall's published short fiction and personal essays:
How We Met – Forks in the Road -Anthology
Mother's Reunion – Reunions Magazine, Spring 1999, Vol.9 No.3

Tar, Tallow and Prayer -- Moonshine and Blind Mules and other Western North Carolina Tales, 2006
Confrontation  --Muscadine Lines; A Southern Journal - 2009
What Did You Say? - Dead Mule School of Southern Literature - April, 2010
The Trillium -- Echoes Across the Blue Ridge, Essays, stories and poems by writers living in and inspired by the southern Applachian Mountains.
Pass it on - Breath and Shadow, online journal, July 15 issue,; ICL Newsletter, 2011, Clay County Progress Newspaper
Buck, My Brother Ned and the Snake - Muscadine Lines: A Southern Journal - 2011     
Public Domain - Dead Mule School of Southern Literature - April 2012  
Keeping Up - 234Journal - October 10, 2013        
Profiles and Pedigrees, Thomas C. Council and his Descendants - family history book published in 1998.   Available for purchase at City Lights Books in Sylva, NC                   -

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Have questions on formatting your manuscript or building a brand?

Preparing a manuscript to send to editors or publishers causes much angst among writers. If you are one of them, visit this site and get all your questions answered in one place.                   
The editors blog is one of the best sites for writers to learn how to write, how to submit, and how to handle many writing dilemmas.

Another good blog

This writer at No Rules Just Write expresses my sentiments exactly on how to become a well-known and well-read author.
Many times writers worry over how to become known and appreciated. First you must write good books. Not just one book. If you want to write for the public, you must continue to write good books.

Learn how to write well and then follow C.J. Lyons advice. Give back to your readers. Be generous to others.

Let me know what you think on these subjects.

Friday, May 16, 2014

What? No Charge? Yes, just this once with Gene Hirsch

Poetry classes with Dr. Gene Hirsch is an experience unlike most workshops. He dearly loves poetry and poets and delves deeply into why we write what  we do and what we want to say in our work. He doesn't dwell on technique or basics we have heard so many times. Students in his classes find themselves going deeper into their poems than they had done before.

For years, he has had a  following of poets in our local area. It started with his classes at John C. Campbell Folk School. He never bowed to the norm, but encouraged his students to reach higher.

We have a few places left in his class on Sunday, May 25, at Writers Circle. This will be a small gathering of only 8 students. He will lead us in a discussion on Inspiration and Poet's Block.

Inspiration and Poets’ Block
Inspiration and writer’s block are two widely used, poorly understood antithetical terms. In this class we will study and share your views and experiences with these concepts. Please bring one poem to discuss in terms of its inspiration and meaning for you. Please bring a short written explanation of your views and experiences with inspiration and one regarding block, for discussion. Please bring 10 copies of each. Class limit, eight poets.

Call 828-389-4441 or email if you can come. We are offering this class - a one time only opportunity - at no charge.
Come and spend the afternoon talking about poetry with other poets and friends.
Time: 1 - 4 p.m.